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Whether you are getting ready to begin a bathroom makeover or simply starting one, our comprehensive guide has useful information that will assist you along the way.
Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting project for many renovators when they say goodbye to an outdated bathroom suite and old plumbing system and hello to a sparkling, spa-worthy retreat.
Take some time to plan the project thoroughly, research the bathroom layout and fitting choices, and think about who will perform these tasks. We at MK Manitas have prepared a list of things you need to consider when starting your renovation project.

Do I need a professional builder?

The workers involved in bathroom installation include:

  • a builder,
  • a tiler,
  • an electrician,
  • and a plumber.

A plasterer or a decorator may also be required.
Some contractors are capable of performing all of the work involved in a bathroom installation. If you employ a company that can project manage the bathroom installation, they may also recruit the necessary workers for you.
You must consider several elements when creating your renovation plan:

  • your budget,
  • the degree of your DIY expertise,
  • the timeline,
  • the amount of work anticipated,
  • and the sort of bathroom fittings you have chosen.

There are a number of typical situations in which hiring a professional builder to manage your bathroom makeover is the best option.

New installation

Installing a brand new bathroom from scratch. This is very often the case with larger remodelling projects, where new bathrooms are being installed within an extension or where bathrooms are being created from rooms previously given over to another use.


There are party walls (walls shared by you and a neighbor) that need to be addressed. Or internal walls need to be built or taken down. This is especially true when the walls are structural (load-bearing).

Fixtures and fittings

New fittings necessitate the existing floors being reinforced — a typical problem when new, luxurious bathrooms are built.
If you choose to use a variety of manufacturers in place of an in-house supply-and-fit service from a bathroom designer. A contractor can manage the job for you.
If you want certain fixtures and fittings, such as large stone tile or wall-hung sanitaryware, that need expert skill to install.

Advantages of hiring a professional builder

If you won’t be able to manage the bathroom fitting independently, using a builder to handle the entire project allows you to have an expert on your team who can utilize their own team of competent craftsmen.
Taking advantage of this choice allows you to delegate most of the administrative work. Many builders are competent in all phases of bathroom installation, including tiling, plumbing, and wiring, so you won’t have to seek trades separately.

How to choose a contractor for your bathroom renovation?

When it comes to choosing the right builder for the project, ask friends and family for recommendations. Looking at the reviews on trusted websites can also be beneficial.
When choosing a bathroom renovation contractor, look for someone who knows both the building restrictions that apply to bathrooms and the type of bathroom work you will be doing.
Before making your ultimate choice, you should obtain at least three quotations.

Are you remodeling a bathroom or building from the ground up?

There are a variety of methods to convert an old bathroom into a new one:


Anyone with a limited budget who is renovating should opt for a quick update. To avoid moving plumbing, maintain the present layout but upgrade sanitaryware, storage, or a heated towel warmer.


Remodeling a bathroom often entails shifting items about or extending the space by adding a WC, which may necessitate new or changed plumbing systems.

New bathroom

In the case of new constructions or complex renovation projects, a bathroom will be created in an entirely new location, necessitating the expertise of a plumber or other experts to ensure your new plumbing and electrics comply with building standards.
In each situation, you should talk about the plumbing, waste, piping, and electrical relocation with your builder at the start of the project.

Let us assist you in creating a new bathroom

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