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Frankly, asking what comes to your mind with the word renovation? Whatever comes to your mind is basically what we serve to you.  We are a company of builders who offer the services of renovation of your buildings and infrastructure with great precision. Over the period of 10 years, we have grown exponentially in the field of building and construction.  Manitas, our company of builders is located in Benidorm with an outlook to expand the building services of the company in Spain as well. We are ranking among the top-rated construction companies in Benidorm. 

We offer a wide range of services to our customers who want to get their buildings renovated. Just to name a few we offer the services of bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, changing the surface of the floor, getting work of wood done on floors or cabins, etc. The company also offers a high – quality of plumbing for renovating your old systems.  Another amazing thing that we as the builders near you do in our foundation is coloring and painting the walls. 

We have a wide team of professional experts who are available 24/7 at your disposal to provide you with any urgent need for renovation. We know that many of the times construction and renovation is urgent for people especially at homes when there is some sort of event and also in offices as they can neither give leaves to the employees for long nor can shift the office for too long as it is more costly. Therefore, we, Manitas, come and take orders in emergency situations work fastly in lesser time, and give the most appreciated results as compared to other builders in Costa Blanca, Spain.

You will be amazed to know that we are an award-winning company. We were nominated for the award in 2016  with 500 more countries but we beat them all and got the award because of our expertise in construction. This award ceremony was organized by the local building control authority. Why would anybody not like to get themselves to work with an award-winning company? Obviously, everybody will love to work with the best construction companies in Benidorm. You have landed on the page of one of those builders in Costa Blanca, Spain.

Beauty is eternal but there is no comparison between a newly renovated house and a not renovated house.  We here have established ourselves as a construction company to polish the beauty of your houses. Our exemplary painting services will add life to the lifeless walls of your house. We have a team of professionals who are capable to carry out any design or painting that you want on the walls of your infrastructure.  We are not just able to paint the walls in different colors usually solids but we can also carve out some modern designs on the walls with the paints. So, we being the builders near you can get you some custom–made walls.

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